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Let's chat about indie beauty discoveries ft. Amazon

Let's chat about indie beauty discoveries ft. Amazon


I have exciting news today!

[And sorry for the absence on the blog lately—work has been a bit crazy due to high turnover.]

Anywho, thanks to Palm (@joinpalm) and Amazon (@amazonlifestyle), I was able to try some amazing brands from Amazon’s new Indie Beauty shop. So today, I want to talk about the products I had the opportunity to try, as well as invite you all to shop through Amazon’s curated indie beauty collection. Maybe you’ll discover your new holy grail products, like I did!


To prep for the cozy fall season, I received two decadent body creams that smell sooo delicious. Vervan, wow. This Vervan Shea and Almond Oil Nourishing Body Butter legitly reminds me of almond tea. The scent is so nostalgic and warm. I just can’t get enough. Plus, I feel like after I started using this nightly before bed, my skin has been clearer and less irritated. In my box, I also received the Basd Creme Brulee Body Lotion. The plant-based body lotion smells like a cupcake, sweet & luxurious. I love the rich scent. However, if you’re sensitive to fragrance, I’m not sure if this product would be a good fit for you. I use it post shower and it absorbs into my skin in a pinch. All that’s left is smooth, moisturized skin. My hyper-sensitive KP-prone skin really seems to appreciate it.


Next, I got the opportunity to try two serums from Eleni & Chris and Vervan. If I had to choose, I would say my favorite is the Eleni & Chris anti-aging serum. While pricey, this antioxidant-rich serum delivers results. It contains cloudberry seed oil which makes my skin feel so plump, hydrated, and healthy. I have yet to attest to the anti-aging properties, but I believe that the extra TLC this serum give my skin will have great anti-aging benefits in the long run. Only time will tell. The Hadria by Vervan Brightening Serum is another great serum. It applies like a lightweight lotion and is crafted with Vitamin C and magnolia extract to “improve skin tone and give luminosity.” I’ve been alternating between the Eleni & Chris serum and this one and so far, my skin tone has seen major improvement. My skin has seriously been glowing these days.

Final thoughts. I’m so excited to see what else Amazon’s indie beauty shop has in store. The curated collections feature so many great natural beauty brands which range from cosmetics to skincare to hair care. You can shop these brands through my Amazon Associates affiliate link below:

Special thanks to Amazon and Palm for sponsoring this post. Full disclaimer: As always, my opinions are 100% my own. I do receive some commission if you shop through my Amazon Associates link. The compensation would really help support my blog.

Until next time, Megan.

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