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Currently: Curology Update, Insecurities, & Mejuri Everyday

Currently: Curology Update, Insecurities, & Mejuri Everyday

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I promised myself I would be braver this year & start posting more self-portraits, including this one, on my blog and social media because I want to be completely honest about my skin journey, etc. 


 I've been using Curology for several months now & I have to admit, if it wasn't for this treatment I would probably be more hesitant to photograph my face/skin. This acne treatment has been so good to me. I still get small pimples here and there from stress or hormones but for the most part, my skin has cleared up. I haven't had cystic acne since I incorporated Curology into my routine. In my previous update, I mentioned that I was experiencing dryness and irritation. I'm happy to report that my skin has fully adjusted to the treatment and I no longer experience any dryness or itchiness. I don't know how long I will continue to use Curology, but for now it's a godsend.



I want to broach on the topic of insecurities today because it's something I have struggled with a lot throughout the ages. I'm far from perfect & I know that but sometimes I tend to focus on those imperfections a little bit too much. A lot of it is superficial too--just being uncomfortable in my own skin. When I see a photo of myself, the first thoughts that run through my head are always ugh my skin looks so oily today, or my skin looks so blotchy and textured. I also suffer from body acne as well, which used to make me feel very self-conscious. Up until college, I never wanted to wear tank tops or anything that would show my back or chest. And when it's not my skin, I'm attacking the fact that I have hooded eyes or a big nose. The importance of self-image mixed in with our ideals of Western beauty being the only definition of "beautiful" really ruined my confidence when I was younger. However, as I get older, I'm learning to accept my flaws. I'm learning to embrace natural makeup looks and mascara-less eyes, and very minimal foundation. 



On a lighter note, I've been loving a few pieces from Mejuri. I decided recently to splurge a bit and pick up the Bold Sphere Studs and the Starburst necklace because Mejuri has quality that I can trust. First of all, the studs are so beautiful. I ended up wearing them during my wedding reception because they add the flair of pearl earrings, yet are lightweight and easy to maintain. For the longest time, I was wearing my Claire's starter studs and they were a pain to take off. For that reason, I never wanted to change out my earrings. I noticed the quality of these Mejuri earrings immediately. The backings slide on and off so smoothly, like buttery smooth if that's a good way to describe it. I love that the studs are quite big but I barely feel them throughout the day. The Starburst necklace is also another amazing staple to my jewelry collection. The necklace is simple but really ties an outfit together. The length is perfect as well. It falls right at my collar bones for a nice bit of shine. 

Ps. The lip look features Milk + Honey's Cardamom Vanilla Lip Butter, Glossier Gen G Lipstick in Zip and Lip Gloss

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Fur smoother hair and skin, everywhere.

Fur smoother hair and skin, everywhere.

The sun-kissed, out of office MOTD ft. Goodbeing

The sun-kissed, out of office MOTD ft. Goodbeing