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An Ode to Commodity Fragrances

An Ode to Commodity Fragrances



I think I'll take one of everything, please.

It's funny how one's taste in fragrances changes so much depending on the seasons. Fall and winter, I crave a scent that envelops me in warmth and spice. Spring and summer, I can't get enough of those vibrant, tangy floral scents to match the California sun. 

Commodity scent me these perfumes awhile back in conjunction with their Spring launches. I thought it would finally be a good time to share my thoughts. 



Such a beautiful, clean, gender-neutral scent. It just borders on the verge of masculinity in its muskiness but with a woman's touch. The scent is very lived-in and for some reason, I find that there is a bit of warmth to it that reminds me of sugary coconuts. The thing I like the most about Bois is that not only is it unique, it's also very layer-able. I love to spritz Nectar and Bois for a truly balanced scent.



Oranges--or any citrus really--in my eyes, are the epitome of summer. When you combine that with a rich floral, you get perfect harmony. This scent is vibrant and intriguing, yet light. The scent lingers, but doesn't overwhelm your senses. It smells so natural and I find myself reaching for it quite often.



I'm so happy to receive a back-up travel size of Velvet. The smell of burnt almonds adds a lot of warmth and depth. The rose gives it sweet balance to the smokiness of the almonds. This fragrance is very rich and lasts a long time on my skin. 

They also sent me a 40-piece sampler which was absolutely heavenly. While the darkest scents are a bit too musky for my taste, they work fantastically as room sprays. I love the grey and white collections, which include some of my OG favorites like Gold, Magnolia, Vetiver, and Orris. I honestly gifted some of my favorites to my sister and mom to spread the wealth. 

Special thanks to Commodity for sending these fragrances my way. 

Until next time, Megan

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The sun-kissed, out of office MOTD ft. Goodbeing

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