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Good habits to live by with Vitruvi

Good habits to live by with Vitruvi

Lately, I've been thinking a lot about incorporating new routines to the daily grind — especially new habits that help ease my anxiety levels after a long day of work and bring peace and comfort to my home. That's when Vitruvi reached out to me about a collaboration. 

They sent me their iconic White Stone Essential Oil Diffuser (also available in black) and a selection (and might I say, very generous) of their 100% natural essential oils. I also received three of their essential oil blends (Quiet, Dusk, and Grove) which all smell really lovely. Now I've never used a diffuser before but I was honestly surprised at how easy it was to set it up. Simply fill the water cup to the measured line, add 10-15 drops of essential oils of your choice, cap, and start diffusing. Although I really have no gauge on what is considered a top notch diffuser, I feel that this Vitruvi one is luxuriously handcrafted. It diffuses a very smooth, fine mist into the air and really encapsulates the room. A thoughtfully-added feature to is the light at the bottom. It's enough to give a sense of ambiance which I feel is such a nice touch. 


Currently, I like to mix a couple drops of Grove (a woodsy, morning dew scent — think fresh grass), Geranium, and Peppermint. I've found that adding mint is so refreshing and revitalizing. I plan to experiment with different scent combinations depending on my mood. But that's the fun part right? I think Lavender and Quiet will be great for a post-work unwind. 


Some precautions to diffusing:

1. Never keep the diffuser on for longer than 30 minutes. Keep intervals — ie. diffuse for 30 mins, then air out. 

2. Not all essential oils are pet friendly. If you plan to use a diffuser, make sure your pet is able to leave the room if it is too strong for them. Don't diffuse around fish, reptiles, or birds.

3. Be sure to use very low amounts of strong antimicrobial scents to avoid potential irritation.

Credits to this Growing Up Herbal article for the tips on diffusing safely. 


Special thanks to Vitruvi for sending me these products to test to my heart's content! 

Until next time, Megan.


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