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Life & Acne Update ft. Curology, Chanel Beauty, & The Coveted Straw Crossbody Bag

Life & Acne Update ft. Curology, Chanel Beauty, & The Coveted Straw Crossbody Bag

Let's catch up today because there have been some major changes in my life. 

As most of you probably know already (if you follow me on Instagram), I recently adopted a puppy. Her name is Sunflower and she is the cutest thing ever! And even though she makes me super exhausted--and puppyhood can sometimes can be very frustrating--it's the little moments like when she uses her pee pad or when she scoots herself onto the pillows so that her face is right next to mine while she sleeps that make it all so worth it. With that being said, look out for a ton of Instagram stories devoted to her. 


Style update: springtime has got me in the mood for vintage sunglasses (courtesy of my mama), mini straw bags, and gold hoop earrings. I picked up this round straw crossbody bag from Express on sale so I got a really good deal on it. I have to say, it's well-constructed and I love the fact that it's black. I haven't come across any bags like this in that color. Lou and Grey is one of my favorite shops to visit in-store because I love the seasonally curated items. You're not overwhelmed by a million choices either. Just a small selection of very uniquely crafted goods, including these gold double hoop earrings by a brand called Machete. I'm so excited to start rocking these earrings once I can take out my starter studs. 


Over the month, my interest in Chanel Beauty has seriously sparked. Blame it on IG. For that reason, I decided to try out Chanel's Les Beiges Sheer Healthy Glow Powder in shade No. 50. I use this pressed powder as a bronzer. I love how it rejuvenates my face for an ultra sunkissed, natural vibe. I'm also swooning over the packaging. I love the little moon-shaped brush that comes with it. The bristles are very soft. I currently also have a go-to eyeshadow product and lip color for spring: Butter London's Glazen Eye Gloss in "Oil Slick" and Bite Beauty's Amuse Bouche Lipstick in "Chai".


And lastly, let's chat about the acne progression. For awhile, my skin was doing great. I barely had any acne anymore and for about 5 months I believe, I had no breakouts whatsoever. It was honestly too good to be true. I had no more cystic acne and my scars were starting to clear up. However, that changed with stress. The breakouts started off small--like 1 or 2 cystic pimples at a time--but gradually started to get out of hand. It still wasn't as bad as the hormonal breakouts I suffered in college, but I felt that I really needed to change up my routine. That's when my sister recommended Curology. I've heard of the acne subscription service from Youtubers like Weylie but I always felt skeptical about going back to dermatologist-grade treatments due to prior experiences. However, I've been using Curology for almost a month now and my breakouts have started to clear up. I was prescribed a combination of Azaleic Acid, Niacinamide, and Clindamycin. My skin did purge within the first week of the treatment, but it did a great job of taking the inflammation away from my breakouts. I barely have cystic acne anymore. The only downside is that it does make my skin more sensitive. I have a bit of redness and itchiness on my cheeks/tzone and I just started to notice some dryness as well. I'll continue to use Curology and see if my skin starts to adapt to the treatment.  

Until next time, Megan


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