Dwelling - a house, apartment, or other place of residence.

There's nothing more uplifting that having a space built up of all the things that you love. When my husband and I started furnishing our apartment, we realized that we shared the same taste in furniture and interior decor--which fortunately, made the task a lot easier. We couldn't be happier with how it turned out. So here are my two simple tips for decorating the place:


Stick to a neutral (white/gray/natural light oak) color scheme for the furniture and use metallic accents or bright pops of color to decorate and liven up the space.


Incorporate mirrors. The best trick for creating the illusion of a larger space (tiny bedroom folks, this one's for you), mount up a large mirror. 

Also, my husband found these really cute white + gold animal push pins at Target and placed them under my mirror. I'm so surprised at how well it matches my vanity. And the best part, I can hang dainty rings on the horns. So hey, it's functional too.

Until next time, Megan