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The Goodbeing March Review: Brighten & Blush

The Goodbeing March Review: Brighten & Blush

The months are going by so fast and I'm ending March & kicking off April with a Goodbeing box review. The March box seemed to have a theme to it: Brighten. And as always, Goodbeing curated an great beauty box with a solid mix of skincare, body care, and makeup. I received a Black Soap Body Cleanser from Shea Radiance, Black Peel-Off Mask from Art Naturals, Mattifying Priming Lotion from Bonnie, the Mineral Blush in "Amaretto" from Bella Pierre Cosmetics, and the Radiance Boosting Facial Serum from Poethique. 

I want to start off first with the Shea Radiance Black Soap Body Cleanser (formulated with shea butter and colloidal oats — great ingredients for sensitive skin gals!!!) because this product really blew my expectations out of the water. To be honest, I really neglect my body. I suffer from keratosis pilaris and body acne that has been around for my entire life, so I've never found a body care product that actually helps those issues. However, this black soap body wash is amazing. I still struggle with KP and acne, but my skin is a lot healthier. The body wash just feels so luxurious. It has a creamy lather that washes away cleanly without that draggy feeling. Paired with my Glossier Body Hero cream, it's perfection. My skin overall is smoother and well-moisturized. I hope over time, the black soap will help my acne, since black soap is known to have great purification properties. I definitely will be picking up the full size of this body cleanser. 


I've also had the chance to try out the Art Naturals Black Peel-Off Mask and the Poethique Radiance Boosting Serum. The mask is super fun to use since it's a peel-off mask & holy crap they were not kidding. It's a super opaque black mask. Overall my skin does feel clean after I use it, so I'll be incorporating this mask to tackle congestion. The serum from Poethique smells really fruity and refreshing---like a tropical smoothie. I haven't really seem results yet with this product, but I'll continue to test it.


Goodbeing is always super on point with their natural makeup selections. I've been reaching for the Mineral Blush from Bella Pierre Cosmetics quite frequently nowadays. The "Amaretto" shade is a nice, natural, muted terracotta rose that gives off a nice healthy glow. It's also super pigmented, so a little bit of product goes a long way. I find it a bit messy to get the powder out, but it's not the worst thing in the world. Quick tip: for a "sunburnt" flushed look, sweep any remaining product that's left on the brush across the bridge of your nose. 

The last product I want to talk about is the Bonnie Mattifying Priming Lotion. This priming lotion has a pretty strong smell, but it goes away quickly. It's tacky when you first apply it, but give it a couple minutes. Once the product has absorbed, you get a smooth, matte finish. I have been using this as a primer (I still prefer to use another lotion/facial oil because I like my skin to be a bit more hydrated). I don't find that it keeps the oiliness at bay but it does help my makeup apply smoothly. 

As always, special thanks to Goodbeing for gifting me their latest box. If you are trying to make the transition into clean beauty and lifestyle, this subscription box is a great start. Plus, it's very affordable at $24.95/month. 

And because we all love free products, you can use my referral code to get a bonus item in your first box. 

***Disclaimer: As a Goodbeing ambassador, I do receive a commission through this referral code. This would help me continue to purchase products to review on the blog, so your support means everything to me!

Until next time, Megan



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