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Double Take: The Evenprime Core Set Review

Double Take: The Evenprime Core Set Review



Have you ever tried a product and didn't like it at first, but then tried it again a few weeks later and liked it a lot more? To be totally honest with you guys---and I've mentioned this before on IG — but it wasn't love at first sight with this Evenprime duo. However, I've given them another try (mainly because I forgot about some Palm pick requirements... Sorry Amanda!!) and here are my thoughts.


There is always something about minimalistic skincare that intrigues me even though it's pretty contradicting for a beauty blogger. On top of that, I wanted to give k-beauty another go. So there was my rationale for purchasing this Palm pick. The Evenprime Core Set came with a cleanser, a moisturizer and a really cute gray makeup bag that is surprisingly spacious (I use it all the time when I travel now).

However, I remembered why I was not a big fan of k-beauty products. Just scanning the ingredient lists, I noticed that the cleanser had synthetic fragrance and the moisturizer contained alcohol. Two things that don't always bode well with my sensitive skin. Luckily though, I did not get any adverse reactions. If you have highly reactive skin, I would not recommend.

So let's talk more in depth about each product. 


The Cleanser

My first impression of this cleanser is that it has an interesting texture. It foams up into a really dense cream-like texture that can take a bit of effort to wash off. I have to rinse a few times to get off the slippery texture when the foam dissolves. What's left is a squeaky clean feel that I've mentioned before, I'm not a big fan of. BUT, strange enough as it is, I can't stop using this cleanser in my nightly routine. It gives me a really deep clean that I need towards the end of the night when my skin feels gross and oily. I've also found that it keeps my skin texture pretty refined because of the extra cleanliness. 


The Moisturizer

I don't use this moisturizer alone as the last step to my routine. I find that it's not hydrating enough for my skin. I know that many people preach oil-free lightweight moisturizers for oily skin types but that just doesn't work for me. I find that face oils really help balance my skin. However, this moisturizer is great as a hydrating essence/gel serum. It rather soothing and makes my skin feel plump after it has fully absorbed. I appreciate that it does not have a tacky finish. For now, I'll stick to my cream and oil moisturizers. I think I'll incorporate this moisturizer into my routine more in the summertime.


It's safe to say that I definitely can't be a product minimalist, but if you're interested in minimalistic skincare or are a k-beauty enthusiast, I would recommend giving this Evenprime Core Set a try. The products are priced at a really great price point. The set is $45. You can shop the products at here.


Until next time, Megan 

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