Feeling Scentimental


Happy National Fragrance Day - 


It's crazy to think that just a few months ago, fragrance was my least shopped for beauty item. Nowadays, I purchase fragrances nearly as much as skincare or makeup. There's something so classy and unique about picking out the right fragrance. I wanted to spotlight these two brands, Commodity & Byredo, because these brands shaped this beauty habit that I'm so happy I have picked up. I'm feeling very "scentimental," if that's a good way to describe it. 

Commodity Gold was the first perfume I purchased at Sephora when I was still in college. I mark that day as a turning point for me. Ever since then, I never leave the house without a spritz of perfume. Since then, I have ventured to different fragrances, and yet I always turn back to the good old Commodity Gold. It's a scent I never get sick of. I've also purchased Velvet and Orris, two scents that I'm absolutely crazy about these days. Both scents are rich, somewhat earthy and sweet. Very femme, but with a subtle dark side. 

Byredo---I couldn't get enough Byredo in my life since the day that Lou (@reminiscentof) sent me samples. Each scent is so unique and spicy; it has completely changed my perception of a fragrance. Before, I thought fragrances were bound to a spectrum that only ranged from floral to musky. Byredo's scents, however, challenge that notion. They are vibrant and not tailored to one gender. 


Until next time, Megan