Equinox: the spring essentials edit


l'essentiel de la saison



Spring is finally here and we're seeing sunnier days here in California. I have nothing against the rain but the sunny weather really puts me in a good mood (& makes it really hard for me to go to work every day).


And so, today I want to talk about some of my essential items for the new season. 


Skincare first. Spring is always an awkward in-between for me. It's warmer, yet still chilly. Also, allergies make my skin so dry! For that reason, I like to focus on hydration. I've been loving Edible Beauty's No. 4 Vanilla Silk Hydrating Lotion, which smells nothing like vanilla by the way but I still love it, and Willow Mayor Beauty's Brazilian Beauty Oil. I love layering these two together in the morning to prep my skin for foundation (currently, I'm using Glossier's Perfecting Skin Tint). Both products absorb quickly and give me a smooth, hydrated base. Because I'm crazy about face mists and always use a setting spray after makeup, I've been reaching for Anese's Smells Like Queen Spirit Elixir. I kinda strayed from this for a couple months but lately I've been loving the scent again. Also, it really soothes my skin. And last but not least in skincare----I visited Glossier's pop-up at Rhea's Cafe and I wasn't expecting to pick up the Body Hero Perfecting Cream but it just smelled so good that I couldn't resist. The scent is neroli and orange blossoms and the cream does a great job of moisturizing my body without causing breakouts. That part is super important to me since I suffer from quite a bit of body acne. Another great product from Glossier, what's new?


For makeup, I have one product to share with you all: Glossier's Lidstar in "Cub." It's a rose gold shade that is super flattering on my medium skintone. Out of the three Lidstar shades that I picked up, this one is the easiest to apply for some reason. It applies smoothly, especially when I dab the product onto my eyelids with my fingers instead of with the applicator. And, it's the perfect wash of color for a neutral everyday eye look.


You know I always have to include a fragrance. I've been obsessed with Commodity's newest fragrance "Velvet." It's definitely a darker scent, yet it's also warm and sweet. I find it very comforting. And, the almond and rose combination is absolutely ingenious. If you haven't smelled it yet, you should definitely plan a trip to your local Sephora. 


The style edit. As I have mentioned in my favorites last month, my love for the Mejuri Boyfriend Ear Cuff is still going strong. I recently got piercings and the ear cuff looks great with my piercings. It looks classy & edgy at the same time. Only Mejuri can pull that off. I also wanted to feature this Maison Kitsune Tote Bag that my sister picked up for me in her recent trip to Paris because I love the warm brown tone of it. It's neutral enough that I don't have to worry about matching it with my outfits, yet it adds warmth which is perfect for spring. Plus, I love tote bags and I'm freaking out about the fact that it has pockets on the inside. The last spring essential I want to talk about is this necklace from the Maker's Market that my husband got for me the day that we got married. I honestly forgot the brand but I just love how delicate it looks.


Until next time, Megan