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SF Travel Diary vol. 2: The Glossier Pop-up

SF Travel Diary vol. 2: The Glossier Pop-up


This weekend, I visited the Glossier Pop-Up at Rhea's Cafe with my sister and husband. The whole cafe just radiated Glossier vibes with the beautiful floral arrangements and pink walls. The cafe served up so much Glossier— it was heavenly.

Compared to the pop-up they had at Violet Grey in LA last year, this one was far more impressive. The one I visited last year had a very minimal product selection and the atmosphere was completely different at the LA pop-up. Less inviting, to be honest. 

So how does it work? At the cafe, every product on display is a tester for you to swatch, test, apply to your heart's content. Once you've decided what you would like, you simply track down a Glossier showroom worker and place your order. Then, someone in the stockroom will prepare your bag and bring it out for you. The bag comes with a custom Glossier SF sticker, the classic sticker sheet, and a You perfume sample. I ended up purchasing the Lidstar in "Lily" (it looks gorgeous when mixed with Cub), the Body Hero Cream, and the Lip Gloss. But you know in reality, I was so tempted to buy everything haha. 


One thing to note: beware of the line! I mean this one is kind of a given for SF, but I thought I would still reiterate it. I showed up at around noon on a Saturday and only had to wait about 15 mins. After noon though, the line gets pretty long. I really appreciate their effort in trying to make the wait more enjoyable. Glossier showroom workers walked around with the face mist spritzing people and they handed out fries from Rhea's Cafe. 

If you've been wanting to try Glossier, I would definitely consider paying this pop-up a visit. It'll be here until mid-April, I believe. I'm planning to stop by again before it ends. 


Until next time, Megan

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