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I tried the Allure Beauty Box for the Sunday Riley serum

I tried the Allure Beauty Box for the Sunday Riley serum

So, here are my thoughts. 

When you put Sunday Riley and $10 in a sentence, the first thing on my mind is "Heck yes!" For that reason, I decided to try the Allure Beauty Box subscription. I don't regret my decision at all. I ended up keeping the subscription for two months. However, I decided to cancel it for two major reasons: 

1) The shipping is unbelievably slow. For example, I received the January box in the first week of February. For $15/month, I just didn't think it was worth it.

2) I don't need anymore mascara samples. I have straight Asian lashes, so I'm quite picky about my mascaras. I can only wear waterproof or those dual-ended mascara+primer types. Although I have to say, I ended up really liking the Grande Cosmetics mascara I received in my January box. 

The Allure Beauty Box is a fun subscription--I've been really liking the Cle Cosmetics Highlighter Cushion, Youth to the People moisturizer, and the Skinfix Lip Repair Balm--but I just think I can spend my $15 elsewhere. 

Now onto the review of the Sunday Riley Rapid Flash Brightening Serum.

I've found that this serum is quite effective when used every other night. Bear in mind, vitamin C serums should not be used in conjunction with AHAs because they counteract the effectiveness of one another. And so for my nighttime routine, I like to alternate between this vitamin C serum and AHA serums. It took a week to start seeing a major difference but when paired with Monastery Made's Neroli Black Botanical Brighten Serum, it's a recipe for glowy skin. I use this serum quite sparingly--half a pump--instead of the advised 1-2 pumps. Since I have oily skin, I found that it became quite tacky when I used a full pump. The serum has a lotion-like texture, which absorbs much faster than an oil. Furthermore, it has a citrus scent which is quite fitting. After using this serum for about a month, I have to say it lived up to its expectations. I now see why vitamin C serums are constantly boasted for their retexturizing and brightening properties. My skin feels a lot smoother and softer after using this, which means smoother base makeup application as well! I should probably stop trying Sunday Riley products now because my wallet will pay the price. 

Also, happy Friday everyone! 

Until next time, Megan

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