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Glow with Dear Brightly

Glow with Dear Brightly


October is off to an exciting start.

This month, I’m partnering with Dear Brightly to expand my skincare regimen into retinoids. I feel like at this point, I’ve basically covered all the bases in my acne regimen. I have talked about my struggle with hormonal acne and using acne treatments several times on the blog. While it has done wonders to keep my breakouts under control, I’m still left with the aftermath of my hormonal breakouts—scarring and uneven texture.

Dear Brightly offers a retinoid-based treatment service--personalized without the hassle of leaving your home. It’s perfect for someone who struggles to free up the time to visit a dermatologist in person. It’s not only accessible, it’s also more affordable and adds a more personal touch to curating your acne regimen. Simply fill out a 5-minute survey, attach 3 photos of yourself, and a board-certified dermatologist will get to work on your consultation. I found the whole process to be pretty quick and straightforward. Once I completed the survey, they got to work on my customized retinoid treatment immediately.


So why retinoids? Retinoids are more concentrated and potent than retinol. It’s clinically proven to be the most effective topical treatment for an assortment of skin problems, such as wrinkles (fun fact: it promotes collagen!), acne, large pores, dark circles, hyperpigmentation, and scarring.

I always steered clear of retinoids in skincare in the past because, to be totally honest, I didn’t know much about them. However, I’m actually at the age to start incorporating age prevention aspects to my skincare since I’m in my early 20’s.

The brand gifted me their Glowgetter Lite Starter Kit which includes a personalized retinoid treatment and their oil-free moisturizer, the salve. It was recommended that I start off slowly, using the product once a week and increasing usage, to allow my skin time to adjust and reduce peeling. Although my skin leans more on the oily/combination side, it can get quite sensitive. I tend to get random red spots or hives on my cheeks throughout the day. I used Glowgetter Lite Saturday night and so far, no redness or itchiness. I also noticed the next morning that my skin immediately purged the pimple I had under my jaw. Wow, it works fast.

The most notable thing: the texture. The retinoid has a primer-like feel when you first apply the product. It leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth. The Salve also has a similar, thicker gel-like consistency. I find that the Salve applies like a watery gel cream though. It spreads really nicely on my skin and absorbs quickly. It pairs perfectly with the retinoid.


I hope to see more improvements in my skin over the next couple weeks. I’m so happy to be starting my journey with Dear Brightly. & special thanks to Dear Brightly for partnering with me. If you’re interested in trying out this service, you can use my promo code GLOWWITHMEGAN for 10% off your order.

*Dear Brightly is currently only offered in California. However, they will be expanding to other states in the upcoming months!

Stay tuned.

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