the tahnyc to save you from your winter woes


The mornings are getting chillier and while I’m loving the cozy, sweater weather seasons, my skin has not. For some reason, my skin is always at its worse during the colder months. I get itchy red patches, hives, and cystic acne. Luckily, I got the opportunity to try TAHNYC’s Rose Milk Nourishing Rose Essence Moisturizer, courtesy of Palm (@joinpalm).

TAHNYC (pronounced “tonic”) is fresh and nourishing—and best of all, it’s clean. All of TAHNYC’s products are fueled by natural ingredients to help you achieve one goal: healthy glowing skin. I chose to try the Rose Milk Essence Moisturizer because the description sounded so appealing. The moisturizer has a decadent milk-like texture that melts into skin and a very subtle rose scent. The key ingredients in this product are rose, organic neroli, organic jasmine, aloe and hyaluronic acid to nourish the skin.

After testing this product for a couple weeks, I’ve found it to be a great product to use after toner and before I layer on my face oil and moisturizer. While this product is marketed as a moisturizer, I don’t think it’s moisturizing enough, even for my oily-combo skin. As an essence though, it is absolute perfection.

TAHNYC’s Rose Milk has a very thin, runny texture that actually resembles milk, so it’s certainly true to its description. However, I would say that the product has more of a slip-like texture once you apply it to your face. It sinks in completely after a few seconds. I’ve found the best method of application is to smooth the product onto your face and then pat it in until completely absorbed. It makes the perfect base for heavier serums, face oils, and moisturizers. The quick absorption also makes it suitable for daytime and nighttime use. Another thing I really appreciate about this product is that it has a very subtle rose scent—emphasis on subtle. I feel like a classic rose scent may feel too soapy so this is actually perfect.

So the bottom line: Do I really need this product? No. However, it’s a great product if your skin need all the hydration it can get during the colder months. It has really helped calmed my skin down.

Special thanks to TAHNYC and Palm for allowing me to try this product at a great price point.

Until next time, Megan