smooth operator: dr. roebuck's ultimate hydrating serum


The secret to smoother, balanced skin is in this lemon-scented hydrating serum by Dr. Roebuck's.

I was lucky enough to win this Ultimate Hydrating Serum from my friend @ohuprettythings' Instagram giveaway about a month ago & boy am I glad this serum is in my life. I've used it about everyday since I've gotten it and I can't get enough of it. Dr. Roebuck's, you're seriously making a great first impression. 

Let's start with the good things. First off, this serum smells like lemon mentos. It's a scent that is super nostalgic to me. (I was a major fan of mentos as a kid.) Plus, I love that the scent isn't overpowering. It doesn't linger around long after you've applied it. The most impressive thing, however, is its smoothing ability. The Ultimate Hydrating Serum is packed with ingredients like creatine, gatuline, ubiquinone, vitamin b3, and aloe vera to support collagen and cell regeneration, smooth fine lines and tissue damage, and moisturize skin. I swear, this product is magical. It really delivers on the smoothing and healing aspects. Everytime I use it, I get ridiculously soft & silky skin. The texture is pretty thick---which worried me initially---but it absorbs really quickly and doesn't leave a tacky feeling behind. Pilling also isn't an issue for me as well. 

One thing to note: this serum contains a very miniscule amount of retinol. For that reason though, I try to avoid using this in the daytime.

The bad thing. This product is basically perfect in my books. It delivers on its promises and really works with my skin type. Overall my skin is healthier and glowier after using this serum. The only downside is that it's been a little over a month and I've already used up 2/3rds of the 1oz. bottle. It's really pricey considering how quickly I am plowing through this serum. At $56 a bottle, I have my doubts about repurchasing. I'm super tempted, but until I can, I have to start looking for alternatives.

Until next time, Megan.