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Disappearing Act: The Verb Ghost Collection to End Bad Hair Days

Disappearing Act: The Verb Ghost Collection to End Bad Hair Days


Verb sent me their new Ghost collection a few weeks back to test out & now that I've had some time to try everything from the new line, I want to do a quick product breakdown and highlight some of my favorites. The Ghost collection features 5 products that are intended to work harmoniously to give you silky soft, weightless, healthy hair--& trust me, they work! The line is basically a continuation of the cult fave, Ghost Oil, thus moringa oil is incorporated in the entire collection. The best part is: each product is priced at $16 so it's definitely on the affordable side of the luxury hair care spectrum. Color me impressed.


The duo that I never want to live without: Ghost Shampoo & Conditioner

Did I mention that the entire collection is cruelty-free? I've had my struggles with finding a sulfate-free, cruelty-free hair cleansing system that won't leave my hair feeling stringy, extra frizzy, and dry. What can I say, my hair has adapted to the deep clean that sulfates provide. However, this duo not only cleanses my hair very well (I don't even need to shampoo twice most days), but it also leaves my hair feeling ridiculously soft and smooth. I no longer struggle with crunchy ends. I've also noticed that my hair is less oily on day 2. If I don't touch my hair too much, I can go without dry shampoo on the 2nd day. It's definitely saving me some time and $$$ considering my full-sized bottle of Ouai Dry Shampoo Foam exploded in my drawer the other day. The low-maintenance life this duo gives me makes it a definite repurchase. 

Apres shampooing: Ghost Prep & Ghost Oil

I've been drying my hair with a blowdryer a lot more lately since I can't really show up at my workplace with wet hair in the mornings. To protect my hair from the heat, I like to apply the Ghost Prep from top to bottom and the Ghost Oil on the ends to keep my long hair moisturized and detangled. So far, I've seen healthier hair despite the heat styling. While these two products work really well in terms of preventing damage, I haven't seen great results with taming frizz and flyaways. I still feel that the Ouai Smooth Spray does a better job of that. For that reason, I would probably hold off on repurchasing these two.


If voluminous hair is what you desire: Ghost Dry Oil & Ghost Hairspray

The Ghost Dry Oil is my all-time favorite from this collection. Since my hair doesn't get as oily anymore on the 2nd day, I mainly deal with dry ends and flatter hair. That's where this baby comes into play. I simply spray this into my hair to freshen up those locks and pump up the volume. It also restored some shine as well. I'm in love! The last product in the collection is the Ghost Hairspray. I don't really have a use for hairspray on most days since I'm terrible at styling my hair. However, I did try this on a top knot the other day and I'm pretty impressed. It managed to tame the baby hairs near my face that stick out relentlessly when I tie up my hair. Also, no crunchiness or stickiness. It gets the job done.

I hope you all enjoyed my honest review & special thanks to the team at Verb for sending these products my way! You can shop the collection at Verb, Sephora, & Urban Outfitters. 

Until next time, Megan.

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