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Fresh: Art of Organics July Box Review

Fresh: Art of Organics July Box Review

TGIF everyone! So it's the beginning of another month, which means it's time to share my thoughts on the curated products I received in last month's Art of Organics' clean beauty box. July's theme was "Fresh," which included skincare, bath, & body products to help keep skin clean in the peak of summer. Spoiler alert: I loved all the products. It's an understatement for me to say that my fascination with this subscription box has not faltered one bit. At about $40/month, this box is definitely worth it!

Ursa Major Hoppin' Fresh Deodorant

My experiences with natural deodorant are generally like the Goldilocks story. It's almost perfect, but there's something that's just not quite right. My usual verdict with all the baking soda deodorants I have tried in the past is that they curb odor, but have no effect on reducing perspiration. For that reason, I actually started to develop red patches on my armpits from sweating. I know, not very pleasant but I'm being completely honest here. To my surprise, this Ursa Major deodorant worked substantially better. I believe this is because of the baking soda-free formulation. Instead, the 100% naturally-derived deodorant uses kaolin clay as a anti-perspirant & deodorizer.  Plus, the eucalyptus & mint gives off a cool, refreshing touch. The only downside is the price. At $19, I seriously have to contemplate whether this deodorant is worth repurchasing after it runs out. 


Honua Skincare Hawaiian Beauty Water

I'm kind of addicted to using face sprays and this exfoliating beauty water managed to find its way into my daily skincare regimen. I like to use this as a toner in the morning because light exfoliation usually helps my makeup apply smoothly. Something I've noticed about Hawaiian skincare products is that they all smell remarkably delicious! This product contains Hawaiian sugar, papaya enzymes, willow bark, hibiscus, & coconut water to help keep skin firm, even skin tone, & refine pores. Does it live up to its claims? Yes! After using this product for about a month, the texture of my skin is more refined--thus, smaller, less clogged pores. This exfoliating spray came at a good time, since I was running out of my beloved Complex Beauty Afterglow Complexion Mist. The only thing is that I didn't really see my skin become firmer because I don't really have that issue at the moment. Maybe once anti-aging becomes one of my priorities, this will come in handy.


Lilfox Miami Eucalipto Moroccan Black Soap + Body Mask

I've written about this product in my monthly favorites earlier last month because it is just so awesome! There is something about the seaweed-esque texture that sparks my interest. The soap is also super moisturizing for my skin, considering I have suffered from keratosis pilaris my whole life. I've found that my arms are less irritated & the bumps have started to lessen. Plus, it doubles as a shaving gel! However, this product is a little more of a hassle to use when I'm in a rush so I still find myself reaching for my usual body wash occassionally.

Special thanks to Art of Organics for curating such amazing products each month. Keep up the good work!

Until next time, Megan.


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