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Meant to Be: Get Luxuriously Silky Skin with Meant

Meant to Be: Get Luxuriously Silky Skin with Meant


I can't believe it is already Friday again. The days are fleeting at light speed & soon, I will start my full-time job. Goodbye summer. You were kind to me

By now, you've probably become acquainted with Palm, the millennial influencer club. They offer amazing products at a great discount, perfect for those who are a bit strapped for cash. Even if you're not, some extra savings never hurt. 

August's collaboration featured an up-and-coming indie green beauty brand called Meant. The brand is centered around delivering products that are multi-purpose & free of toxic chemicals. What intrigued me most was that baby blue packaging, those subtle grid lines, & that sexy gold logo. I knew at that moment that I just had to get my hands on their body collection. And so, the two products I will be talking about today are the Absolute Balm & Wonder Polish.


The Absolute Balm

A "hydrating oil serum for face, body & hair. Also: topical salve." The packaging describes this balm as a multitasking product that nourishes hair, skin, & cuticle. The texture is luxuriously rich, yet absorbs into skin very quickly. The balm contains shea nilotica and coconut, monoi, & argan oils to give it that creamy texture. I was in awe that the product left no greasy residue on my skin within seconds after application. I have yet to try this on my hair but it works great as a body moisturizer. It has a natural scent of bergamot & grapefruit that gives off a citrusy, earthy vibe--super invigorating & spicy. 


The Wonder Polish

The Wonder Polish doubles as a toning body scrub & in-shower moisturizer. How cool is that? I've been trying to incorporate a scrub into my shower routine lately because the exfoliation actually does wonders for refreshing my skin. This body scrub pairs fine sugar crystals, ground coffee, and avocado, argan, & monoi oils to tone, refine, and hydrate skin. I've used the product about three times now, twice a week as suggested, and so far, it has slowly started to even out the rough texture of my skin. I suffer from keratosis pilaris, so my arms and legs always look "goosebumpy." I'm happy that I'm already starting to see some slight improvement in my left arm and my thighs. Plus it doesn't dry out my skin! I haven't really noticed any improvement with cellulite, but to be totally honest, it's not a major problem area for me. However, I'm really hoping that the scrub will help some scarring I have on my arms, back, and legs. As for the scent, it has a similar theme to the Absolute Balm with the bergamot + grapefruit, but you can also smell the ground coffee in it. The smell of coffee really wakes me up whenever I use it.


Until next time, Megan. 

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