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Brand Love: My Daily Hair Routine ft. Ouai

Brand Love: My Daily Hair Routine ft. Ouai


It's hump day! I'm finally back in the States. Actually, I have been since last Thursday night but to be completely honest, I had to take the past few days to recharge my batteries. I was so exhausted & a tad bit jetlagged after taking 5 different types of public transportation in 24 hours and embarking on a 12 hour plane ride that was also packaged with a 1 hour flight delay. Nonetheless, I had an amazing time going back to Taiwan and was lucky enough to make it back mosquito bite free. First time in the last 10+ years. Rejoice!! The Friday after I got back, my boyfriend & I took a impromptu weekend getaway to Mill Valley, CA. If you haven't been to Mill Valley, it's a beautiful, picture-perfect, coastal town that's just across the Golden Gate Bridge. We fell in love with the place & vowed that we would return soon. I will post up travel diaries for both trips soon!

Enough with the ramble, let's talk about hair care. I've mentioned numerous Ouai products in my past posts. Basically, if I'm talking about hair care, there is bound to be some Ouai thrown into the mix. I've finally settled into a routine of hair styling products that actually work.


A little background on my hair

I struggle with dry, crunchy ends and thick, porous hair that is stick-straight, yet contradictingly fine. For that reason, my hair is very prone to breakage. The combination was honestly doomed from the start. I tried everything--from moisturizing shampoos & conditioners to hair serums to treatment oils to styling creams--but nothing seemed to combat the fact that my hair simply refuses to absorb any moisture at the ends. However, once I switched over to Ouai products, I've been noticing smoother, healthier locks & less flyaways. I still like to venture out and try new brands occasionally, but I find myself always going back to Ouai.


The routine


I typically towel-dry my hair for a few minutes after I get out of the shower to remove any excess water. Then, I'll go in with about 2-3 pumps of the Rose Hair & Body Oil and apply that evenly from the mid-shaft of my hair to the ends. My hair is pretty long so I like to use more product, but you can use less if you have thin or short hair. Then I spritz the Smooth Spray all over my hair. I like to lightly spray the top of my head where I have the most frizz as well. I find that if I spread the product evenly throughout my hair, it doesn't feel greasy or weighed down. The Smooth Spray is also great for detangling hair. I think it's my all-time favorite Ouai product. This duo leaves me with super soft strands & I'm really loving it!



 I don't know what it is about Asian hair, but it's pretty difficult to go past 2 days without washing your hair. It just gets oily so fast! For that reason, I wash my hair every other day. It's the best way for me to not dry out my hair, but also avoid product buildup. On second day hair, I like to just use the Dry Shampoo Foam. At first, I hated the product because it seemed like it only made my hair greasier. However, the key is to not touch your hair too much. Once you've distributed the product throughout your hair, leave it alone to dry & work it's magic. I promise, it works better than regular dry shampoo for refreshing dirty hair & doesn't leave a powdery finish.

Until next time, Megan.


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