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Vogue 125: First Impressions on the Birchbox x Vogue LE Kit

Vogue 125: First Impressions on the Birchbox x Vogue LE Kit

Happy Monday!

Today I have some rose-themed beauties to share with you all. Vogue recently had its 125th anniversary and to celebrate, they teamed up with Birchbox to create a gorgeous limited edition kit. The best part is that the box contains $224 worth of full-sized products from Herbivore Botanicals, NARS, Charlotte Tilbury, RMS Beauty, Ouai, & many more for only $68! (I was able to use a 15% off discount as well, so I ended up paying $61.99)  The only product that's not full-sized is the Ouai Rose Hair & Body oil. While I'm generally a micro-spender and typically try not to spend over $50 per order, I knew I couldn't pass up this opportunity because I had been eyeing the Herbivore Botanicals Rose Hibiscus Face Mist and the RMS lip2cheek for a long time. I've held off buying both of these for a long time due to the prices, but I was so happy to find out both were included in the kit. Bless the Vogue gods for curating such an amazing box!! Alongside all the rose-scented products, the box also contains limited edition shades of the Vogue rose--a unique, vibrant peach-colored flower with an intoxicating scent--adapted by NARS, JINsoon, and RMS Beauty. Keep reading to see the products!

Herbivore Botanicals Rose Hibiscus Face Mist

The first item in the Birchbox x Vogue 125 kit is this hydrating face mist from Herbivore Botanicals. This soothing face mist contains coconut water, witch hazel, aloe water, and hibiscus & rose flower extracts. I see this product all over my Instagram feed, so you can imagine I had high expectations. I've used it a few times already as before makeup and as a setting spray or midday refresher. It's definitely hydrating and cools my skin down from my walks to class. The scent is also light and rosy. The product itself is perfect, but I would prefer the mist to be more fine. It comes out really concentrated, as if my whole face has been doused in water. That's why I'm more cautious when I use this as a setting spray. However, it's fine as a toner or refresher before bed. I'm not sure if I will repurchase this on it's own since I like the Afterglow Mist from Complex Beauty Co more and both cost about $30. However if you're looking for a simple, soothing, all-natural face mist, this would be perfect for you.

Earth Tu Face Face Balm, Charlotte Tilbury Instant Magic Facial Sheet Mask

Next up is this hydrating & repairing face balm from Earth Tu Face. It comes in an adorable glass jar that seems perfect for travel. The balm itself is unscented and is formulated with 100% natural ingredients like botanical immortelle flowers, rose petals, and Australian sandalwood. The balm is really indulgent due to base ingredients like virgin coconut, raw cocoa butter, and beeswax making it super healing and nurturing for dry spots. It's suggested that you use only a small amount where needed because of how rich it is, so I like to use this on the around my eyes and the corners of my nose where it's super dry because of allergies. I really like this balm for it's smooth texture and the fact that it hasn't made me breakout. It has this woodsy scent which I think comes from the immortelle flowers and the sandalwood. I feel like the small jar will last me a long time so that's also a major plus. I have yet to try the Charlotte Tilbury sheet mask but the fact that it's a "dry sheet mask" intrigues me. I've heard a lot of good things about Charlotte Tilbury products, so hopefully this one doesn't disappoint!

NARS Soft Touch Shadow Pencil in Vogue Rose, RMS Beauty Lip2Cheek in Vogue Rose, JINsoon Nail Lacquer in Vogue Rose

The next 3 are the limited Vogue Rose makeup products that were released as a part of Vogue's 125th anniversary collection. This box honestly covered all the bases. With these products alone, you can pretty much do a minimalistic everyday makeup look featuring a champagne eye look and coral-peach lips/cheeks. Out of the three products, the JINsoon nail lacquer captures that vibrant peach color the best. I would honestly describe it more as a coral shade. The nail polish itself goes on really smoothly and is fully opaque after about 2 or 3 coats. The shade is really flattering on my medium skintone, but I feel like it's a really universal shade. You can check out how it looks on via my Instagram post (bottom of the page). The NARS shadow pencil is a light champagne color with a pink shift. It works so well as an inner corner highlight to brighten and open up the eyes. It also lasts pretty long on my eyelids as long as I don't accidentally rub my eyes. The RMS Beauty lip2cheek is a warm peachy rose tone that gives my skin a nice flush. I was honestly pretty surprised about how pigmented it is as a blush. However, it doesn't show up that well on my lips since my lips are pretty dark. I love the dual concept of this product though and I am so happy I got to snag this limited edition shade before it runs out. 

 Ouai Rose Hair & Body Oil, Aerin Rose Lip Conditioner

The last two products that I want to talk about are the Ouai Rose Hair & Body Oil and the Aerin Rose Lip Conditioner. The Ouai Rose oil was more of a backup for me. I have another travel-sized bottle from the Ouai Morning After Kit that I picked up from Sephora a few weeks ago. Ouai became my favorite hair brand after I tried their hair oil last year and I have to say, I'm really loving the original hair oil's rose-scented sister. I have yet to use this as a body oil because I feel like I would go through this product super fast, so for now I'm fine just using this as a hair oil. What I love about it is first off, the scent. It doesn't really smell like roses per se, but more fresh and floral. Second, this oil is super lightweight, yet hydrating. It absorbs into towel-dried hair like no other and takes care of those minor flyaways. The Aerin Rose lip conditioner has such a classy pink & gold packaging. The lip conditioner has a sweet rose scent that I really like. The lip conditioner can be a bit sticky but it doesn't bother me too much. 

Until next time, Megan.

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