golden hour: the art of organics may box, show & tell

Another month, another Art of Organics clean beauty box. This month's theme is Golden Hour, which couldn't be more perfect for spring. The box features a limited edition illuminating body oil and cleansing bar from SkinOwl. With summer just a few weeks away, both of the products curated in the May box are focused on brightening and illuminating dull skin for warmer weather.

(Turmeric Beauty Bar & Illuminating Body+ by SkinOwl, Boardwalk Sandals by J.Crew)

Before I dive into the reviews of these two products, I want to talk briefly about the box's value and the subscription service. First of all, I was blown away by how rapidly the box shipped. Before I switched to the Art of Organics, I had Birchbox. I remember I would be charged at the beginning of the month and I would receive my box towards the end of the month. I felt like the process just took a long time and I wasn't really satisfied with the samples I got each month. The samples just seemed generic and weren't really tailored for my skin type. What I like about the Art of Organics subscription service is that the boxes ship out at the beginning of each month and they send you a charge confirmation a few days before it ships. My box came in the first week of the month. Furthermore, I believe in quality over quantity. This month's box has a $70 value for two high-quality products. If you are new to the Art of Organics, the subscription is $39/month plus tax. So far, I have been very impressed by all the products I have received so I don't plan to cancel anytime soon. 

SkinOwl has been on my radar of green beauty brands to try for awhile now. I was honestly super excited that this box contained not one, but two products from the brand! The first product featured in the box is the Turmeric Beauty Bar. It is intended to be used as a daily brightening cleansing bar for your face and can be used on all skin types. While I generally don't prefer bar soaps, I really like the texture of this product. It's a creamy cleanser that doesn't dry out my skin. I did get a bit of a squeaky, draggy clean after I rinsed it off but it did wonders in terms of calming inflammation and smoothing out the bumpy texture I have from acne. Typically, I like to lather the bar in the palms of my hands and then massage the lather onto my face. However, it contains bits of oatmeal, so it can be used as a light exfoliator if applied directly to your face. Although I enjoy using this product, I probably won't repurchase it because I still prefer to use a gel cleanser over a bar soap.

The second product really caught my attention for one reason: rose gold. The Illuminating Body+ is a body oil that contains rose gold shimmer. Sounds amazing right? It's honestly the best body oil I have ever used. SkinOwl products just scream high quality! It contains"a luxurious blend of sweet almond, apricot, jojoba and pure plant oils intended to lock moisture into the skin."  I found the shimmer to be really subtle, making it suitable for daily use as a body moisturizer. The body oil absorbs quickly into the skin. Also, a little goes a long way. I accidentally applied too much once and it took a really long time for the product to fully absorb, so use with caution. The only downside about this product is that I was a bit disappointed that I barely saw any of the rose gold shimmer. I wish it was more concentrated so I can really get that glowy skin. If you're looking for a more intense golden glow for special occasions, I would recommend the Kopari Coconut Body Glow. However, if you're just looking for a nice subtle glow for everyday, this is the perfect product.

If you're on the fence about trying out a subscription beauty box, I would definitely recommend giving the Art of Organics a shot. You won't be sorry!

Until next time, Megan.