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Green Thumb: New in Green Beauty + First Impressions

Green Thumb: New in Green Beauty + First Impressions

In all honesty, I'm actually terrible at taking care of plants. I think the only thing I have ever successfully planted in my life was radishes.

Aside from my poor gardening skills, today's post is all about plant-based skincare! I've been wanting to try more organic beauty brands since I started using primarily natural ingredients on my face everyday. This is a major plus for me since I'm naturally drawn towards clean, beautiful packaging. 

My first purchase was from Urb Apothecary. I really wanted to try this Santa Cruz brand because I just have to show my appreciation for Norcal! I also obsess over their packaging a lot throughout this post, so bear with me.

I decided to try the sample size of their Green Tea Serum because it is specifically tailored towards balancing oily skin. First of all, this is a very generous sample size. Since I tend to go through oil serums very slowly, I feel like this sample will last me a long time. This serum is made with 14 different essential oils and is intended to give oily skin lots of antioxidants and love. All of these plant oils are meant to "help protect skin from the sun, slow signs of aging, balance sebum protection, and minimize pores and wrinkles." 

So far, I have used this serum three times and although it's too early to jump to any conclusions, I have to say I'm pretty impressed. I was pretty weary of the fact that it's an oil and not a gel serum. However, I find that it absorbs really well and leaves my skin feeling semi-matte after it has fully absorbed. This is typically rare for me since most facial oils usually just sit on top of my skin and make me feel greasy. This serum is light enough for me to use in the daytime and it really does seem to be helping balance my oily skin. I also really like the scent! It's a very calming, herbal scent that isn't too overwhelming. Overall, I feel like my skin looks and feels healthier.

I was also lucky enough to receive the Lavender Matcha Mask in my package (Thanks Urb Apothecary!). This mask contains matcha green tea powder, ground lavender, and french green and kaolin clays. The lavender and matcha powder make the mask smell so good! (I also love myself a clay mask.) I have yet to try it, but I'm seriously obsessing over the packaging! The mask sample comes in a plastic test tube. Based on the instructions, I think the sample is enough for two uses. I'm so excited to use this, especially on the days when my skin is feeling really irritated. 

I bought the Birchrose + Co Repair Tonic spontaneously when my sister and I went on a coffee run downtown. She told me that I had to check out this new shop called Len Collective because they had a great organic beauty selection. I got really excited and on a whim, decided to buy this toner.

The Repair Tonic seems like the perfect thing for my problematic skin. It repairs, balances, and nourishes--thus, tackling all the problems that arise from oily, acne-prone skin. It contains a "repairing blend of floral water, aloe vera & witch hazel to balance with complexion clearing sandalwood, softening rosehip seed oil, and nourishing organic essential oils to cleanse and renew problematic skin." My first impression of this toner is that it has a super fine mist, which makes it really perfect to be used as a midday refresher without ruining makeup.

I am really enjoying these products so far. I feel like my skin reacts really well to natural ingredients. I will continue to use these products for the next two weeks and then share a full review, so be on the lookout for that!

Until next time, Megan.

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