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Cream of the Crop: Valley Botanicals Deodorant Cream Review

Cream of the Crop: Valley Botanicals Deodorant Cream Review

Deodorant Cream ($14)

INGREDIENTS// coconut oil, shea butter, arrowroot powder, baking soda (aluminum-free), beeswax, aloe vera, vitamin e, clary sage essential oil, lavender essential oil, bentonite clay

The best things in life are "free"--that is, free of toxic chemicals. 

Recently, I got the opportunity to try this deodorant cream from Valley Botanicals. The funny thing is, I had just run out of deodorant a few days before Emmaline contacted me. I had used Dove deodorant for years, so naturally I was quite terrified of natural deodorants and I was dreading the hunt for one. Although I don't have any prior experiences with natural deodorants, here is why natural deodorants are so controversial:

  1. They don't deodorize B.O. and don't smell very pleasant (think herbal)

  2. Baking soda causes skin irritation, especially since the armpit area is very sensitive

  3. They leave oil stains on clothing (natural deodorants contain oils as the base ingredient)

  4. They can be quite pricey

  5. They don't control perspiration

  6. They are difficult to use and do not last all day

With the long list of reasons why natural deodorants fail to work as effectively as chemical deodorants, I definitely had my doubts. However, this baby from Valley Botanicals proved me wrong! It's honestly godsend.

It's her best-selling product for a reason.

First off, this deodorant cream smells wonderful---especially if you love the subtle, calming scent of lavender and shea butter. The scent is subtle enough for people who are sensitive to fragrances. It fades into the background after application and I don't smell it at all throughout the day. This is probably a TMI moment, but I had to make sure it was doing it's job so I took a sniff check every once in awhile and all I smelled was that light lavender scent. No bad vibes! I've used this product daily for the past week and a half and I experienced no skin irritations and my clothes are completely safe from oil stains!

I also found it quite enjoyable to massage the product onto my armpits every morning. It only takes me a minute to do so after I figured out the best way to apply it. What I like to do is first, use a popsicle stick (it's best not to use your fingers to preserve the product) to scrape out a small amount of product (about a pea size amount). Then I squish it together with my fingers and roll it into a ball. Then you just take the product and massage it on your armpits until it becomes easy to spread. The deodorant cream melts very easily and leaves a matte, smooth texture. I feel like after using this for a while, I don't get any product build-up, which I usually get with chemical deodorants, and my skin is very soft from the hydrating ingredients. 

The deodorant cream is priced at $14 for a 2oz jar. The jar lasts up to a year and since a little goes a long way, I feel that the price is very reasonable. Also, it's very hard to find an effective aluminum-free deodorant so I can justify the price! (On a side note, aluminum is commonly used in deodorants as an antiperspirant. Aluminum blocks the sweat glands to prevent perspiration. Doesn't sound very pleasant, does it? It's currently scrutinized for its toxicity and potential links to cancer. This just shows how important it is to look into the chemicals that you put into your body on the daily.)

The only con I found was that it did not really control perspiration for me. However, chemical deodorants never really did either.

Overall, I would definitely recommend this natural deodorant cream. Also, Valley Botanicals is coming out with a natural sunscreen soon which I am very excited about!

Until next time, Megan.

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