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The Break-out Beauty Brand: Red Earth

The Break-out Beauty Brand: Red Earth


What happens when you mix fun, innovative packaging with skincare?

You get Red Earth.


Red Earth was kind enough to send me these products to try. I received the Have Fun lipstick matches, Brighten concentrate oil, Secret Potion illuminating skin fluid, Hydrate boosting toner, and the Have Fun hydrating facial masks. The care package came with some really adorable stickers as well. 


After testing these products for the last few weeks, I've fallen in love with the Secret Potion illuminating skin fluid. Hello dewy skin! However, I found that it made my foundation break down when I mixed it together---so if you're an oily-skinned gal like me, I would recommend applying this before foundation and dotting some onto the high points of your face after for a nice subtle glow.


My second love was the lipstick matches. They are beyond cool and just an overall fun product to add to my lipstick collection. The red shade is also pretty flattering on my light-medium skin tone. I wish that they had more color choices!

If I wasn't so obsessed with the Sunday Riley UFO clarifying oil or the Monastery Made Neroli Black oil, this concentrate oil would definitely have a spot in my top shelf. It smells super fruity and fresh, which I love, and is lightweight enough to use in the daytime. I didn't really see any brightening effects but it is very hydrating, so I like to incorporate this into my routine on days where my skin feels very dehydrated.

Out of all the products I received, I was least impressed by the toner. It has a similar fruity scent to the facial oil which is really pleasant, but I just didn't see any noticeable effects on my skin. 

I have a soft spot for indie green beauty brands and Red Earth definitely dresses their products to impress. They are now available at Urban Outfitters and Nordstrom if you would like to check them out!

Special thanks to Red Earth for sending over these samples to review on the blog.

Until next time, Megan.

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