brand spotlight: monastery made


Monastery Made has knocked it out of the ballpark with it's perfectly simple packaging and botanical goodness. I love the Neroli Black Botanical Brighten Serum and the Lapiz Firming Matte Body Oil so much that I feel this brand is worth the mention. Palm (@joinpalm) introduced me to Monastery Made's products in one of it's collabs awhile ago (of course).

So first, let's talk about the Neroli Black Botanical Brighten Serum. I love a good all-natural face oil. I feel like oils have so many benefits--even for unpredictable, acne-prone oily skin types like me.  The best part about this one is that it is a dry oil, so it absorbs quickly into my skin without any greasy residue. This serum contains squalane oil as a base (if you have oily skin, squalane is the way to go--it's a great regulator of excessive sebum production), and English walnut, neroli, black pepper, bitter orange, and patchouli oils to brighten up your complexion. I'm really impressed with the short ingredient list. The only thing for me that took some getting used to was the smell. I believe it's the English Walnut oil that has a strong, bitter, kinda masculine (?) scent that I'm not a huge fan of. However, give it some time and the scent will grow on you. Overall, I find myself reaching for this serum nightly. It's lightweight and I just can't get enough of how silky my skin feel in the morning.  It's definitely on the pricey side at $68 but it's worth it in my opinion. Plus it's a pretty generously-sized bottle! 

The Lapiz Firming Matte Body Oil.. I had a very tragic accident with this one. I dropped the bottle and it completely shattered all over my bathroom floor. Up until then, this body oil was my go-to post-shower moisturizer. Similar to the Neroli Black serum, it's a dry oil that does a great job of moisturizing my skin while absorbing quickly. Also, I really like the scent. It's a bit odd but to me, it kinda smells like citrus and cocoa paired together. There's something earthy and decadent, yet tangy to it. This body oil uses squalane and fractionated coconut oils to hydrate, and pink peppercorn and red ruby grapefruit oils to brighten and tone your skin. Honestly, I probably neglect my body the most, but this oil seriously turned my skin around. It looks brighter and smoother and I have less KP on my left arm. I will be repurchasing this soon. Perhaps this will be the opportunity to try some more products from the brand as well...

Keep up the great work, Athena!

Until next time, Megan