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Introductions: The Goodbeing December Box Review

Introductions: The Goodbeing December Box Review

An exciting thing happened last month. Lauren, from Goodbeing, asked me to become an ambassador for this all-natural beauty and lifestyle subscription box. I've had a love affair with subscription boxes for awhile now because they are just so fun! That element of surprise of receiving a box full of beauty and wellness products every month lifts my mood after the stressful work week.


The great thing about this subscription box is that it curates a wide variety of products within the realm of beauty and wellness. This month, I received a shampoo, face scrub and moisturizer (full size), highlighter (full size), massage oil, and a beauty supplement chocolate bar. Similar to Birchbox, each month you get to select two of the full-sized products that will go into your box. 

Now onto the review.


Although I haven't tried out all the products yet, I have already incorporated the Jivi moisturizer and Elate highlighter into my daily routine. The Jivi lavender moisturizer is a great daytime moisturizer. It smells a bit like seaweed (algae extract is one of the ingredients) and has a green tint to it that fades with a bit of blending. Rest assured, it won't turn your face green. The texture is really thick as well, but the product melts into your skin quickly and leaves a smooth matte surface--a great prep for base makeup. My favorite thing about this moisturizer: it has sun protection! The Jivi face scrub is another splendid product. This exfoliant is fine, so it really refines the skin without any painful scrubbing. 


The Elate highlighter is my favorite product from the box. It leaves a nice rose quartz metallic sheen without any greasiness or chunky glitter. The highlight is also very natural on my warm skin tone. 


The last product I want to talk about is the massage oil. While I'm not a huge fan of the tobacco scent, this massage oil has really come in handy during this stressful month. Plus testing this product out was a perfect excuse to ask my fiance for a shoulder massage. 

I have yet to try out the Esthechoc beauty supplement chocolate bar and the Plain Products shampoo so look out for the updates via Instagram story in the following week. 

Special thanks to Goodbeing for gifting me their December box. If you are trying to make the transition into clean beauty and lifestyle, this subscription box is a great start. Plus, it's very affordable at $24.95/month. 

And because we all love free products, you can use my referral code to get a bonus item in your first box. 

Until next time, Megan


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