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Welcome to The Opal Gray! I'm Megan, accounting grad student extraordinaire, future CPA, and California native. 

The Opal Gray is named after my favorite shade of gray--a medium-gray with lavender undertones. 

A few years back, I started to get really problematic hormonal breakouts. Nothing seemed to mix well with my combination/oily/acne-prone skin type. I’ve found recently that limiting the amount of chemicals I use in my skincare seemed to help restore that balance in my skin that I lost to stress and hormones during my years in college. My skin has gone through drastic changes in the past few years and I feel that the only way to obtain the best skin of your life is to give it lots of TLC (meaning no harsh chemicals). I try to use mostly non-toxic, natural skincare products.

I strive to be fully transparent in my reviews about what products work and don't work for my skin because in reality, the journey to perfect skin is not easy.

Stay tuned!

Yours truly, Megan.